Families in Transition

Families in Transition provides services to families experiencing transition due to separation and divorce. Often, the special needs of these families can only be addressed by support for parents and the children. Families in Transition will support the family members in understanding the changes and adjusting to them in ways that can help provide parents and children with more positive post separation experiences. The service provides treatment for children of high conflict divorce and education to parents on the damage caused to children by high conflict divorce with the view to reduce conflict between parents.

Services provided:

  • Individual Parent Therapy helps support parents in their transition to post-separation parenthood, and works to help parents better understand and support their children’s reactions, feelings and needs.
  • Parenting Therapeutic/Mediation supports parents in establishing new child focused communication and parenting patterns, and when necessary helps parents learn how to better manage their conflict.
  • Individual children’s therapy when it is assessed that a child will benefit from short term therapeutic support regarding the changes and impacts that accompany their parent’s separation; and
  •  Parent(s)/Child Therapy which facilitates parent child communication and addresses challenges which arise from the separation.
For more Information regarding services and fees:
Contact Lynne Pinterics at 204-284-0466 or lynne@allowaytherapy.com.