Occupational Therapy – Discoveries in Therapy

Discoveries in Therapy is an occupational therapy clinic that provides a unique approach for children, teenagers, parents and professionals whose lives are impacted by childhood developmental disorders such as autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, ADHD to name a few. Using ground breaking evidenced based practices, my occupational therapy clinic aims to discover the potential of children by aiming at the core of their difficulties. I use family-based approaches that teach caregivers how to effectively parent their child. I teach the right strategy, at the right time, in the right order so that it creates real changes in the brain that last forever!

Approaches used within the clinic include;

Services provided:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)®
  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)®
  • Educational Presentations or Workshops
For more Information regarding services and fees:
Contact Rosanne Papadopoulos at 204-254-3146 or discoveriesintherapy.com.