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Noelle Bowles, MSW, RSW
[p] 204-770-9837

Marla Fellner, BSW, RSW, MEd, CPT-S
[p] 204-333-2768
Monique Gougeon, MSW, RSW, CPT-S
[p] 204-788-4100
Jodi Phipps, MSW, RSW
[p] 204-772-6004
Lynne Pinterics, CPT
[p] 204-284-0466
Patti Sutherland, MSW, RSW, CPT-S, CTT
[p] 204-296-3338

Referrals: We are pleased to offer a consultation session (by telephone or in person at our therapeutic office) to professionals who are considering referring a child to us.  Please contact a therapist directly to arrange an appointment.

For new referral inquiries to Alloway Therapy email or phone at 204-788-4100.

Alloway Therapy Services
468 Academy Road
Winnipeg, MB   R3N 0C7  CANADA
[f] 204-788-4105

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