Circle of Security®

The Circle of Security is a user-friendly, visually based (makes extensive use of both graphics and video clips) approach to helping parents better understand the needs of their children. It is based extensively on attachment theory and current affective neuroscience.

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Play Therapy

Play therapy refers to a large number of treatment  methods, all of which make use of one or more of the natural benefits of play. All Play therapy differs from regular play in that the therapist helps children systematically address and resolve their own problems.

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Who We Are

Alloway Therapy Services is a multi-disciplinary therapeutic team of certified child play and psychotherapist professionals drawn from the fields of social work and educational psychology. We offer services to individual children, to their caregivers and families, and to organizations working to promote children’s wellbeing. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of developmental trauma and attachment difficulties. [Read more...]

Upcoming Workshops

The 3 Rs: Relationship, Relationship, Relationship 2016/17 Winnipeg Dates [Learn more...]
Circle of Security – Parenting Group Winnipeg, MB [Learn more...]

Helpful Readings

The Worried Child

The Worried Child

Author: Paul Foxman Dr. Paul Foxman has written a clear, well-documented and deeply-felt book for[Read more...]
Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!

Author: Michael J. Bradley Bradley, a psychologist drawing on current brain research, argues that[Read more...]

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What our client says

Author: Katrinca Ford, MS, MFT All children tantrum. Some children are better at it than others. All parents respond ...
Children and Tantrums: Why They Do it. How to Get Through It.